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Rhyme Or Verse Free

I spend much of my time
Composing in rhyme,
But do not therefore curse
Free verse,
For sometimes that shoe
Will do
Very well,
While to force a rhyme
(where no rhyme should be)
Is to mangle poetry.


When A Very Old Man Of Stroud

When a very old man of Stroud
Said, “death be not proud”,
Death replied, “you know,
We must together go,
And leave this earthly crowd”.

In Woods Green

In woods green
Nymphs were sometimes seen
By mortal men.
Now when
Girls I see in short clothes,
Their toes
Bare, to the sultry air
I wonder where
All the inocence has gone.
Yet Aphrodite
Was flighty
(Was she not?,
And on hot
London nights
Phone calls will be made
And visits paid
By aphrodite, to oh so mortal men

Men Mowing

As I at lessons sat
In school
(Generally obeying the rule),
I oft did hear,
Sometimes far, at others near,
A sound clear,
That of men mowing,
Knowing where they where going.

On my way home tonight
I had the delight
Of smelling new mown grass,
Which brought to mind
A more settled time
When I at lessons sat
Reading rhyme,
And men were amowing
Knowing where they where going.
Sometimes I almost weep,
When I think on what my country may reap.

The Girl Who Wasn’t There, by K Morris

In September 2015, I released “The Girl Who Wasn’t there”. You can find a book trailer (which includes me reading “Dolls”, a poem included in this collection, here

You can find “The Girl Who Wasn’t There” on Amazon

For a video of my friend, Shanelle reading the title poem please see below

When My Friend, Whose Name Is Jane

When my friend, whose name is Jane
Composed a poem while on a train,
And I said, “your verse is too terse”,
She really did curse,
As we’d boarded the wrong train!

A Creative Writing Coach Named Wong

A creative writing coach named Wong
Said, “your poems are all wrong!”.
But when I did it his way
My readers did say,
“Your writing is very Wong!”.