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Elane Who Liked to Dance in the Rain

There was a young lady named Elane
Who liked to dance in the rain.
When the weather was dry
She would weep and sigh,
Then sing, which brought on the rain!

The Wet Churchyard Earth

The wet churchyard earth
Speaks of nature’s rebirth.
The graveyard grass smells fresh.
I see life and death.

There Once Was a Very Fat Guy

There once was a very fat guy
Who was extremely fond of a pie.
He would eat it all day
And when he sadly passed away
They baked that guy in a pie!

My Lady of Ill Repute

I met a lady of ill repute
Who played all night on my flute.
We had a bit to drink,
But its not what you think!
As that flute I bought in Beirut!


I know a young lady named Ice
Who works in the field of vice.
I like to help Bella
Down in the pub cellar
To pick up some very nice ice.

My Clock’s Old Chime

My clock’s old chime
Is out of time
With this modern age.
But I must engage
For I know
That the clock
Will not stop
Though I wish
It would do so.

Four Last Songs: the poems that comprise the final song cycle by Richard Strauss

My thanks to my friend Brian for introducing me to these poems by Hermann Hesse and Joseph Karl Benedikt Freiherr von Eichendorff, which where set to music by Richard Strauss

My favourite is, I think September by Hermann Hesse.


I pass
People behind
Opaque glass.
I find
They say
Words, half-heard
As I, caught behind
My own cracked glass,
Half lose my mind.
A child’s laugh
Can bring me back.
But fragile glass
So easily cracks.