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Claire and Miss Hocking

An attractive young lady named Claire
Is enjoying a most sordid affair.
Whilst naughty Miss Hocking
Has mislaid a stocking …
And I am busy with Claire.

Young Women and Fine Wine

A young lady drinking my fine wine
Said, “your company is far from divine!
But, give me more
And, I feel sure,
That fine wine will make you divine …!”

A Most Beautiful Young Lady Named Leigh

A most beautiful young lady named Leigh
Has composed an erotic poem about me.
Her verse is real great
And I just can’t wait,
As she’s invited me round for tea …


“Poet laureate Amanda Gorman stole the show at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration on January 20 when she read her powerful poem, The Hill We Climb. Now, it’s being translated into a number of foreign languages — and not without controversy.
Last Friday, Marieke Lucas Rijnveld, the writer chosen to translate Gorman’s work into Dutch, declined to take on the assignment following criticism that she was not Black.”

The world grows ever more insane!

“The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” in the Spotlight

My thanks to Victoria (Tori) Zigler for spotlighting my recently released “Further Selected Poems” on her blog. To read the post please follow this link,

Lady Lake

When the elderly and great Lady Lake
Said, “sir, you are a terrible rake!
And as for Miss Hocking,
Please give back her stocking!”.
I said, “your ladyship makes a mistake!”.

“The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” is Now Available

I am delighted to announce that “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” is now available.

Book Description:

This little book consists of serious and humorous verses. The poems range from those dealing with nature and mortality, through to limericks and other
humorous verses.


Book Links:

To purchase the paperback edition please follow this link (for the UK).
Or to read a sample and/or buy the Kindle edition, please click here (for the UK).

To buy on please follow these links (for the Kindle edition)
And (for the paperback).

If you purchase my Further Selected Poems, do please consider leaving a review.