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Pick Your Fights Wisely My Friend

Pick your fights wisely my friend.
You may pretend
That you can stop the clock.
Of course, you may
The clock’s hands stay,
Or mock time
In a rhyme.
But, in the end
Your inner clock
Will stop,
My friend.


Time passes
In women
And glasses.
“What is sinning?”
The religious ask.
“Does it exist?”,
I reply.

Theologians persist,
“All this will pass”.
While poets smile
And compose a rhyme
To many a pretty lass,
And time
Which does so quickly pass.

Their Time in the Sun

They have fun
In the sun.
Their perfect
Bodies reject
The fact that they
Will grow old.
Where I to be bold
And say,
“All this will pass
Lad and lass would laugh.
Though, perhaps a thoughtful few
Would say
“That’s true.
But we must
Enjoy our day
Ere we are dust”.
And I would nod,
And go away.


On a beautiful spring night
I heard, with some delight
The gentle tick tock
Of a long deceased clock.

Time is always there.
Yet I care
For the tick tock
Of an individual clock.

Each, separate timepiece
One day

And I shall go away,
And all the philosophy discussed,
Shall turn to dust.

I Walked The Woodland Path

Walked the woodland path
And passed
Tall, slender flowers.

Now I
Traverse, in verse
That self-same path,
And grow flowers
In my mind.

The flowers
May be gone tomorrow.
For I find
That we borrow

True, many a rose
Has been emmortalised in rhyme
But the poet knows,
That he has limited time.


The daisies remain,
Although not the same
As those I saw
Carpetting Nature’s floor,
When, as a child
I ran wild
And free.

I can almost see
The Daisy Chain,I made from nature’s great store.
Better to have left them on her green floor.
As it is much easier to disrupt than construct.

And the chain I composed
On the school playing field
Did yield
To time.
Am I arrogant to suppose
That this little rhyme
May outlast the brief hour
Of a daisy flower?