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Passing Time

My clock chimes

On a spring day.

Women and wine

Are mine,

But my springtime

Has passed

And the fast

Tick tock

Of antique clocks

Appeals not

To girls in heels

Who do not

Feel their clock

Soon must stop.


Birds outside my window

Visit me today.

But they

Never stay.



Young women go

By on the street.

Their stilettoed feet

Tick tock like clocks.



And I rhyme

Of old Father Time

And clocks

That stop.


Today I Turned 53

Today I turned 53.
Shall I make free
With women and wine?
Or stick to rhyme?

Old Father Time
Stands behind me.
The feminine and wine
Can not conquer time.

There Once Was A Man Named Lyme

There once was a man named Lyme
Who, determined to conquer Old Father Time,
Covered up all the clocks
With his girlfriend’s new frocks.
And Old Father Time laughed at Lyme.

Tomorrow and Today

Time is a human concept
Not always shown due respect
By we who put off until tomorrow
That which we should do today.
Then, when tomorrow
Comes we say
“I shall do that on another day”,
While old Father Time
Smiles his enigmatic smile
And whispers, “you borrow
Tomorrow and today”.
And we, heeding not the clock
Continue to play
Our lives away.

The Hands Are Almost At Half-Past

The hands are almost at half-past.
Will the clock last
The hour?

A sudden shock
Can stop
The clock
At …

And what of that?
For clocks
Are like flies,
One dies
But the great tick tock
Continues on,
Though one is gone.

Oft Of A Summer’s Day

Oft of a summer’s day
Have I turned away
To write.
I shall go out tomorrow
And forget my words
In the singing of birds.

But when night
Falls, I shall return what I borrow
From my ever present friend
Old Father Time
And my brief rhyme
Shall reach it’s end.

Living It Large

What is behind the façade
of those who live it large?
A girl on the make.
She takes
what a poor girl can.
He has no plan
apart from fun.
Together they run.
The sun
will always shine.
The band will always play
and the hay
will be forever sweet
as they dance with nimble feet
without a care

upon the air.
Old Father Time
clears his throat
as the band strikes a sour note.

(The reference to dancing with nimble feet upon the air is a reference to Oscar Wilde’s “The Balad of Reading Gaol”. “it is not sweet, with nimble feet, to dance upon the air”, which is, of course a reference to men dangling from the hangman’s rope).