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When A Strange Young Lady Named White

When a strange young lady named White
Climbed into my bed late last night,
And I said a most friendly “hello!”,
She said, “I think you should know,
That my reputation is whiter than white!”.



A stranger is a friend
You have not yet met.
You can pretend
That the girl in heels
And the short, tight
You ordered tonight
When you caress
Her where
A lover’s hand
Should command
True pleasure.
But, at your leisure,
(And if wise), you will see
The reality
That the company
Of an escort
Can be easily bought,
But love? no,
‘Tis not so.

When A Naughty Young Lady Named Linda

When A naughty young lady named Linda
Said, “I shall find a date using Cinder,
They said, “do you mean the Tinder app?”,
She replied, “I need that kind of chap,
Who is handsome and hot as a cinder!”.

When A Young Lady of France

When a young lady of France
Said, “you men have no romance!”,
And I said, “come over here
And we’ll drink lots of beer!”,
She returned with speed to France!

When A Young Man of France

When a young man of France
Asked to see a lap dance
And they offered him overpriced, lukewarm champagne,
He said, “if its all the same,
I’d rather just see a lap dance!”.