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When A Young Lady Named Lou

When a young lady named Lou
Said, “nothing is taboo to you!”,
I said, “I love your feet
But I wish you wouldn’t beat,
Me so hard with your shoe!”.

If I Write a Sad Poem Today

If I write a sad
Poem today
People will say
He is sad.

If I compose a glad
Poem today
They will, likewise
He is feeling glad.
But they
Can not see my eyes.

I Know a Young Lady Named Lina

I know a young lady named Lina,
And many fine gentlemen have seen her.
I wont go into all the detail,
As it would make you turn pale.
But she’s not as bad as Justina!

Whilst Out Shopping

Whilst out shopping
I see girl’s shoes
And can not help but lose
Myself in a shocking
Of stiletto shoes,
By young women who,
At night,
Bring delight
With the loss of shoe
And stocking.
But I have shopping,
still to do …