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A Summer Butterfly

A butterfly
On a
Sunny day
Flew by
My Labrador.
A snap of jaw.
And our summer chat
Of this and that.

All things must die
As the summer butterfly.
Death’s jaws will close
On man and rose.
You and I
Are but butterflies
Who love and laugh
And then must pass.


You may imprison
A name
In a euphemism,
To avoid shame,
But it will get free
And be
Known all the same.

Out of discretion,
Or, to avoid pain
You may euphemise
A profession,
But behind those enigmatic eyes
The same, much traduced,
Ancient name.

“The Better Man” by Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis

A powerful reading by the late Felix Dennis of his poem “The Better Man”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugW6-4rEEok.

Dennis was what used to be (and perhaps still is refered to) as a self made man. Being born into a humble background he made his money becoming a highly successful businessman. Besides business and poetry, Dennis was also a planter of trees and a very intriguing character. I encourage you to read more of his poems, many of which can be found online (https://www.poetryarchive.org/poet/felix-dennis, http://www.felixdennis.com/Poet/351/67DAYSOFDENNIS).


The Musician’s Lover

“O sweet musician
Lead me not into perdition
For the lay
You play
Has carried many a man away.

Your tune
‘Tis over soon
And those who do you adore
Are left wanting more.

The beat
Of your feet
Has led many a man astray.
The song you play
Leaves men weak
And unable to speak
Save in grunt and moan.

We men can not leave it alone.
Though the wise amongst us know
That there is no rest
To be found on the breast
Of the musician who will play
A sweet lay
For a damned soul’s pay.

Victoria (Tori) Zigler, is author of the month on Goodreads

Victoria (Tori) Zigler, is author of the month on one of the Goodreads groups she is a member of. To ask Tori a question, or to find out more about her and her books please visit, http://ziglernews.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/im-september-2016s-author-of-month.html.

My latest collection of poetry, “Refractions” is available to purchase in the Amazon Kindle store


I am pleased to announce that my latest collection of poetry, “Refractions” is available to purchase in the Kindle store. To read a free sample of “Refractions”, or to buy the book, please visit Amazon HERE (for the UK) and HERE (for the US).

The book description for “Refractions reads as follows:
“The poet may redact
The light that through his poem does refract.
But the reader will therein construe
That she believes to be true”.

Light refracts causing confusion as to where it is going in the same
way that poems do. What the reader thinks the poet means and
what he actually does are often 2 rather different things but readers
will, none the less draw their own conclusions (eroneous or

(For my previous collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind” please visit http://moyhill.com/lost/).