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Culture (a double Acrostic)

Cultivated people unwind.
Literature may take
Us to unknown realms.
Every book, must end.

Undress (an Acrostic)

Riotous imaginings in his head.

Every man has his fantasy.
She, sliding out of clothes.
Slowly exposing an untried rose

Autumn (an Acrostic)

August has long since ceased to be.
Upon the forest floor,
The oak and Chestnut has shed its store,
Unceremoniously, of conker and acorn.
Mulch for the lawn,
Now leaves feed the ground.

Stilettos (an Acrostic)

Sex on legs.
Thoughts of beds
Invade his head.
Lust will drive him insane,
Each interviewee, different but, somehow all the same.

“Those shoes, why did she choose
To wear them?
Only to please men?”,
Still, the stiletto shoe, may clinch the interview.