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New photographs on my Instagram

I have uploaded a number of new pictures to my Instagram.



The Poet’s Muse

The poet’s muse
Wears down at heel shoes
And sleeps
And weeps.
Yet, in his poem she is beauty personified
Who never cries.
And when she and the poet dies
She may live on
Through future ages,
Preserved midst the pages
Of some book.

Though she be gone
Readers will look
And see a perfect view
Where no muddy shoe
Was ever worn
And no heart
Was ever torn.
Or perhaps his art
Will be true
To his readers
And to his muse
In her muddy shoes.

For Display Only

Last night, I fell into conversation with an acquaintance who owns a market stall. My acquaintance sells a good many books (all second-hand), old records and similar items. Many of the people who buy from him are book lovers, however a lady recently bought a whole series of Penguin Classics (all with identical spines) to furnish the home of a person who (I suspect) is more interested in the social status gained by the ownership of an original set of Penguins than in any benefit derived from the pleasure of actually reading them. Indeed the lady doing the buying told my acquaintance that she was an interior decorator who had been specifically commissioned to purchase books for purely decorative purposes. My friend is a lover of literature and did consider not selling to the customer. However, we all must live. Consequently a sale was made and a set of Penguins, with identical spines are now (or soon will be) gracing a bookcase where they will, in all probability languish unread.

While the above incident is sad, it is not unusual. Many a country squire was more interested in hunting, shooting and fishing than in the pleasures of the mind. Although many such gentlemen where possessed of fine libraries, the bookcases often remained undisturbed, apart from the dustings of servants, and perhaps the attentions of a curious house guest or a blue stocking daughter, or other relative who might, on occasion take down and enjoy one of the leather bound tomes.

While I can’t claim that every book on my bookshelves has been read, I have always purchased them with the intention of reading, and most of the volumes in my bookcases have been well thumbed and enjoyed. What about you, my dear readers, have you ever bought a book with the sole intention of displaying (rather than reading it)?

I Know A Young Lady Called Heart

I know a young lady called Heart
Who is obsessed with collecting fine art.
When she showed me her etching
I found it most fetching
And we spent the night talking art …