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Reading a Poem

It is a fact
That one may beautify
A lie,
Or other ugly act
In rhyme.

The good-time
Girl, becomes his lover true.
But, those who
Can read between a line,
May, correctly, construe his rhyme.

Who Is The “I” In A Poem?

Who is the “I” refered to in a poem? Frequently (but by no means always) the “I” in question is the poet him/herself. We should not, however make the mistake of assuming that the “I” in a given poem does, necessarily refer to the person who has penned the poem. This issue receives attention here, https://wewritepoetryforum.wordpress.com/2018/03/31/poetic-tidbit-1-personas/.


Shall I compose
A poem about fingers and toes
Or write one more complex
So as to vex
My readers?

Yet who knows
For a poem about fingers and toes
May not be
What you see,
For dig down
And you may drown
In profundity,
Or not as the case may be!

I play with words
Which soar like birds
Or, like flat pancakes
Stick to ceilings
Evoking feelings of amusement
Or bemusement
But at the end of the day
One can clear the pancake away …

Some lakes
Are deep, while beneath the surface of others
We discover nought but a shallow puddle.