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Poetry Dies

Poetry dies
In the poet’s eyes,
Or is it the skies
That turn black
So that he
And thee
Are unable to see?


Rhyme Or Verse Free

I spend much of my time
Composing in rhyme,
But do not therefore curse
Free verse,
For sometimes that shoe
Will do
Very well,
While to force a rhyme
(where no rhyme should be)
Is to mangle poetry.

Andrew Motion’s Top 10 Tips For Being A Successful Poet

A very good piece by Sir Andrew Motion, former UK Poet Laureate, in which he gives his top 10 tips for being a successful poet. I particularly agree with his view that poets should not cut themselves off from the world or, as he puts it “live in an ivory tower”. I also agree with Motion that its important to read lots. For the article please visit https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-29538180.

Why I Hate and Love poetry – Is it the goat in me?

“Why I hate and love poetry – Is it the goat in me?”, is a long but rewarding read, https://sevencircumstances.com/poetry-and-lyrics/why-i-hate-poetry/