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Rhyme Or Verse Free

I spend much of my time
Composing in rhyme,
But do not therefore curse
Free verse,
For sometimes that shoe
Will do
Very well,
While to force a rhyme
(where no rhyme should be)
Is to mangle poetry.


As I Lay In My Bath Soaking

As I lay in my bath soaking.
I felt a most painful poking,
Which caused me to glare
At a comedian named Claire,
Who maintains she was only joking!

When A Young Man Named Slattery

When a young man named Slattery

Came up in court for battery,

A judge called Trish

Said, “as this concerned a fish,

I dismiss this case for battery”!.


Monday Morning Humour

When a young lady whose name is Fliss
Said, “tis bliss to Kiss”,
Her friend Moriah
Said, “the squire’s looks are dire,
But his wealth, it gives me bliss!”.

When the wife of a man named Ted
Found a young woman asleep in their bed,
Her face turned dark
And she made a remark,
But I dare not repeat what she said!