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In the woods dark heart

In the wood’s dark
Heart the breeze
Whispers in the trees
Words that I can not comprehend.
May god send
Me peace
And this breeze
Never cease.

‘In the woods dark heart’ can be found on Amazon in ‘The Writer’s Pen and other poems’ by Kevin Morris, available here for the UK and here for the US.

All of these pictures were taken in Spa Woods, SE19.


A picture of the path leading into the woods


A large tree close-up


A large tree

“I must return to this rented land”

Below is a recording of me reading my poem “The Path Through The Woods”.

“The Path Through The Woods” was inspired by the many walks I have taken, in company with my guide dogs, through the woods which form part of The Lawns, parkland situated in the Upper Norwood area of south-east London http://www.parksandgardens.org/places-and-people/site/8113?preview=1.

“The Path Through The Woods” can be found in “Lost In The Labyrinth Of My Mind” which is available from Amazon and can be found here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AF5EPVY (US), and here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AF5EPVY (UK). You can also find “Lost” on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28513305-lost-in-the-labyrinth-of-my-mind.

An Owl Hunting

You visit in the early morn.
Your note chill
Sends a thrill
Through man and mouse.

The house
Is quiet.
Only your cry forlorn
Does warn.
Carrying from the Lawns.

A mere bird
Yet your voice heard
Down the long years
Inspires fears
And seers
Fortell a dismal day.

The Lawns is an historic park situated close to my home in Upper Norwood, (http://www.londongardensonline.org.uk/gardens-online-record.asp?ID=CRO040).-


As I walked my guide dog, Trigger this morning, in The LawnsI heard the familiar chatter of a magpie, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXoTUS5I_ks. I am fortunate in living close to The Lawns, historic parkland in Upper Norwood which attracts a wide variety of wildlife. Sometimes in the wee small hours I hear the sharp bark of a fox or the mournful hooting of an owl as he prowls? (can an owl prowl, probably not)! In search of his prey.

Upper Norwood is, as it’s name suggests high above sea level. When going into central London for work I certainly notice the difference in the air quality, Upper Norwood being far less polluted than London itself.

(There is an interesting entry on The Lawns here http://www.londongardensonline.org.uk/gardens-online-record.asp?ID=CRO040).