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When On My Way

When on my way
Through the churchyard today
I nearly fell,
I knew well
That one day,
There I will stay


K Morris reading his poem ‘Time’.


Poet Kevin Morris reading his poem ‘Time’.

While You And I

The chatter
Of girls who clatter
On stillettos high,
Giggling about their latest guy.
Pointy heels delight,
And tear apart
A young man’s heart.

Girls once dreamed of mansions in the Cheshire countryside
But time’s tide
Runs on.
Youth is almost gone
And dreams turn to the waking nightmare
Of the needle-strewn stair
In a tower block too high
For you or I
But a mother and a screaming baby live there,
While you and I pretend to care.

The Fisherman and the Fish

A fish dangling.
Itself entangling
In a net of it’s own making.
I never yet saw a creature so half-heartedly shaking
In an attempt to escape
To the waters of the vast open lake.

The fisherman reels
In the fish, and feels
No pleasure
For his leisure
Is full
Of dull thought
And so many colourful creatures, so casually caught.

Fish and man stand
Hand in hand
And dance
In a parody of romance
Upon the sinking sand.

Who holds the power, man or fish?
A dainty dish, to often partaken
Will leave the diner forsaken
And calling
Out to diverse falling
To fill his solitary dish.

An Encounter

As a newly opened flower reaching for the sun
Your day has barely begun.
Would that I could stay here for a while
Talking to a girl without guile.

I wonder, would you smile
Where I to relate my thought?
And would I wriggle like a fish on a hook caught?
And wish
For the floor to open,
For words can not be unspoken.

You say
“Have a nice day”
But not in the American way.
I smile
Turn, and join the crocodile
Of commuters who have somewhere to go.