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A Man Who is a Terrible Sinner

A man who is a terrible sinner

Came round to mine for his dinner.

His name being Paul

He ate it all.

As for me? I grew much thinner!

New TikTok videos uploaded

I have uploaded several new poetry readings to TikTok.

Please see my page for new uploads to my TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@apollo2362

A Young Lady Who Dresses in Pink

A young lady who dresses in pink
Is known for her most peculiar kink.
Her name is Miss Hocking
And she’s really quite shocking,
So I always give her a wink!

A Daring Young Lady from South Ealing

A daring young lady from South Ealing
Likes to hang from my bedroom ceiling.
I say to her, “Claire,
We must stop this affair,
Before you bring down my bedroom ceiling!”.

April Author Newsletter

I have just uploaded my April Author Newsletter which can be found here.

When A Middle Class Lass

When a middle class lass
Met a collector of brass.
They discussed Furlough
And how far
Some young women will go.
And the failings of radar


Should I repent
Of her sweet scent?
She is free
Yet, her scent
Is costly to me.

Am I responsible for society,
With all of it’s flaws?
Heels click on floors.
And I ponder on the responsibility
Of her, and me, and society.

The Dead May Speak, Through The Poet’s Art

The dead may speak,
Through the poet’s art.
His readers may weep.
Yet, some things run so deep,
They can not be expressed in art.

I Face My Darkening Window

I face my darkening window.
My curtain
Will shut out the night.
I know
Morning’s light
Must come.
But who can be certain
That he
Will see
The sun?


You can find
Any kind
Of takeaway.
Thai or Chinese.
Or whatever you please
Is online.

But, you must pay
A fee
For your takeaway.
As to dine
Does not come free

And, after
the wine
And laughter,
Your delivery will depart,
Leaving no broken heart.