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An Autumn Day (1 November 2022)

Damp leaves in cold park.

Autumn days are growing dark.

The wind whistled

In the churchyard.

Then the rain came again.

5 Degrees

5 degrees.

Wet trees

Drip yesterday’s rain.

The autumn came

Bringing acorns

And precious rain

To woodland lawns.

A Simple Rhyme About the Springtime

A simple rhyme
About the springtime
And hours
Amidst flowers
Where sweet love grows
And the rose goes

I Must Confess

I must confess
That I obsess
On autumn leaves.

The trees
Are bare.

My hair
Has turned grey.

I could dye.
But each man’s day
Must end. my friend

Autumn Thoughts

In autumn, I recollect
How I would collect
The Autumn’s fall.
From the forest’s floor.
How many more
Shall I recall?

Poet Kevin Morris Reading His Poem “The Autumn Rain” On Youtube

A video of me reading my poem “The Autumn Rain”, recorded on Sunday 4 October