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A New, Unsullied Page

A new, unsullied page
Will be turned, as it must.
Love and lust.
Heels wear down with age.


Her Heels Remain Sharp

Her heels remain
But it gives her pain
That although she does retain
The desire
She no longer has the art
To spark
In a young man’s heart.

Crows at Dusk

Dusk is falling.
I hear
In the autumn of my year
Crows calling
And the chatter of the magpie
As I
Ponder on days of yore.

The caw
Of this dark bird
Was no
Doubt heard
Long ago
By those who walked this self-same track.

The evening is chill
But I will
Not turn back
For melancholy is a precious part
Of the human heart,
And those who forever laugh
Do not comprehend
That every path
Must reach its end.

I hear children playing in a garden close to the park.
‘Tis a happy sound after the cawing of the crows.
Who knows
Perhaps matters
Are not so stark
For not all dreams shatter
And something of what is precious may survive.

It Is Summer Yet

It is summer yet
The leaves can still be found
Strewing the ground.
Shall I regret
The gray hair
There remains no trace of brown?

The longest day of the year
Will soon be here
Ere Autumn throws
Her clothes
All haphazard down.

I shall in beauty drown
For our little moon
Is gone too soon
While nature’s store
Remains as before.


The Mirror

“So many have I seen
Reflected in my blank screen.
My all seeing eye
Can not lie.

I see the face
Of every race
And class
Reflected in my empty glass
And how girls hide
The signs,
The lines
Of age.
Though with what lies inside
I can not engage”.