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My Dog (Still young)

My dog (still young)

Enjoys these fallen leaves

Flung across pavements

By Winter’s breeze,

Where they lie

As he and I

Pass by

On a December day.

On this Cold December Evening

On this cold December Evening

My thoughts turn to leaving.

Though I can not fight

The inevitable night

I can write,

Which gives me some pleasure

In this passing weather.

And words may dance on

When poets are gone.

February Snow

Walking through the churchyard snow
I think
On those below.

Footprints in the February snow
Soon will go.
But ink
On a page
May still engage

Though the poet is gone.
His words live on.
Else they go,
As does the February snow.

Poems for Winter

The official start of winter is 1 December. However, given the extremely cold bouts we have been experiencing here in the UK, coupled with winter’s impending onset, I wanted to share with you a number of my poems with a wintry theme:

The Clocks Have Gone Back
Thoughts On A Winter’s Evening
Will Spring Come Again?
Bee And Rose