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November or December,
I remember

The carpet rough on skins.
Some sins
I have forgot.



A bangle
Given to me
By thee
Over wine
Did mine
Heart entangle
With thine.

Now I carry with me
Something of thee,
For a girl’s bangle
Does entangle
Thine heart
With mine.

Forthcoming Poetry Reading and a “Selected Poems”

On Wednesday 13 March, I shall be giving a private poetry reading, along with several other poets. I have a slot of 15 minutes to fill, and I am in the process of determining which of my poems to read. Thus far I have decided to recite the below poems:




I shall be spending part of my weekend in deciding which of my other poems to read.

Sorting through my work kindles in me a desire to publish a “selected Poems”. This is, I think a longer-term project requiring considerable thought and much burning of the midnight oil. It is, nonetheless something on which my heart is set.


An Opportunity to share one of Your Poems

Would you like to share one of your poems? If so, please feel free to either leave a link to it below, or ccut and paste your work into the comment field.

Please only share poems to which you hold the copyright. Do not share other poets copyrighted work (as to do so is a breech of their copyright and may lead to legal action being taken against you).

I look forward to reading your poems.