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When A Very Old Man Of Stroud

When a very old man of Stroud
Said, “death be not proud”,
Death replied, “you know,
We must together go,
And leave this earthly crowd”.


When My Friend, Whose Name Is Jane

When my friend, whose name is Jane
Composed a poem while on a train,
And I said, “your verse is too terse”,
She really did curse,
As we’d boarded the wrong train!

A Creative Writing Coach Named Wong

A creative writing coach named Wong
Said, “your poems are all wrong!”.
But when I did it his way
My readers did say,
“Your writing is very Wong!”.

As I Lay In My Bath Soaking

As I lay in my bath soaking.
I felt a most painful poking,
Which caused me to glare
At a comedian named Claire,
Who maintains she was only joking!

There Was A Young Man Named Paul

There was a young man named Paul
Who said, “all empires, one day, fall”.
My friend Jill
Lives on a hill,
But that’s nothing to do with Paul!

On My Way Through The Churchyard At Midnight

On my way through the churchyard at midnight
I saw a young lady in white.
She sat on a post
Eating hot buttered toast,
And one grave it yawned empty that night.

I Wanted To Write A Poem Most Serious

I wanted to write a poem most serious
But, fearing it would be deleterious,
I wrote a very bad verse,
Causing my readers to curse,
Which really was very serious!