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When a young lady whose name is Rose
Said, “your views I shall oppose!”,
And I replied, “but you don’t know my view!”,
She said, “that’s perfectly true,
But I really don’t like your clothes!”.

When a young lady whose name is Rose
Jumped up and down on my toes,
And I said, “that really does hurt!”,
She tore off my shirt.
As to why? only Rose knows.

There was a young lady named Rose
Who composed a poem all about toes.
When they said, “its incomplete
As there aren’t any feet”,
She hit them right on the nose!

Four poems by K Morris Poet on Soundcloud

I have uploaded the following four poems to my Soundcloud.



On my way
Home today
I met
A budding rose
And did a poem compose
To love, lust,
Dust, and regret.

Who knows
Whether the rose
Be closed

All flesh is grass
And I will
Into the dark forest pass
While the rose
Is blooming still


Compose a poem about the deep red rose,
And how it’s scent does perfume the soft evening air,
And I swear
Readers will raise
You up with praise.

Compose a verse about the rose
And the bee’s burning lust,
(Oh see how they are both but dust),
And I will eat my hat
If the poet does not receive a brickbat
Or the vilence
Of silence