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My choice
To struggle in a moist
This lawn
Forlorn, screams disaster.
And after,
A shower
Will wet
And cleanse the outer man,
Yet no shower can
Kill regret,
Or make the soul
As in the beginning, whole.


On my way
Home today
I met
A budding rose
And did a poem compose
To love, lust,
Dust, and regret.

Who knows
Whether the rose
Be closed

All flesh is grass
And I will
Into the dark forest pass
While the rose
Is blooming still


Looking back, I remember the owl did hoot.
What is the route
To a girl’s heart?
Where to start?
The park
Was dark.
You and I talked as we walked
Back to the hall.
I recall
You remarked on the romance of the owl’s cry
But try
As I might
The night
Ended in tea
And me
At home.