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Shall I compete
With high-heeled feet
As the gods look down
And snigger or frown?

Aphrodite is flighty
Yet I have thought her divine
And from time to time
Still worship at her shrine.

Nymphs suppress a sigh
And smile.
They will, for a little while
Though they long to hie

May conceal the crack of age.
I am at a loss
But should learn
To turn
Over a new page
For this stage
Is a temporary thing
And I am without a ring


Lost Pearls

Whispering girls,
Their pearls
Long since lost,
Consort with fools
Who know not the cost
Of precious jewels,
While those who know,
Sigh and say “it was always so”.


When you leave your shoes
You lose
Them for a while,
Yet there can be no denial
They will be found on the floor
Outside the front door, and you will smile,
Put them on
And be gone.

When you lose your jeans
There will be scenes,
But they will be discovered
On the ground where they lie.
I sigh
And idly speculate
Whether you learned to late
That some things can not be recovered.

Turn the Pillow Over

Turn the pillow over
And wish upon a four leaf clover.
Cover the scent,
The pent
Up desire and loss,
Then count the cost
My friend
For all things come to an end.

The four-leaf clover is considered to be lucky and is rarely found in nature, unlike it’s relation, the thrhee-leaf clover, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-leaf_clover).