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Flowers In My Mum’s Garden

Flowers in my mum’s garden
Bring to mind
A former time
When my grandfather grew roses.

I remember the scent
Of roses in his garden.
And my attempt
To make perfume.

In youth
Few engage with age.
And the truth
That roses,
Are gone so soon.

Half-Remembered Faces

Half-remembered faces,
Some forgotten,
Lost at the bottom
Of his mind.

Some were graces
And left

He fancied himself bereft
But his heart
was never cleft.
Although,a few do,
Its true,
Live on,in art.


Supermarket aisles.
Plastic smiles
And chrysanthemums I bought
As they brought
To mind
My grandfather’s garden, and hours
Spent amongst the scent
Of flowers.
Yet I find
But little scent
In these doctored blooms.

Rain And Sky

I remember well
The hut.
The rain fell
I swear
That I was content there.

Alone I was
I wished it to be so.
I know
The rain and sky
For it is I.

A strange boy was I.
My heart
Given to rain and sky,
Standing aloof from the loud
In my hut.
Half wishing to be part
Of those who were children as I
Yet knew not of rain and sky.

The Hall

The cold rain does fall.
I recall
We stood in the shelter
Of the old hall.

Helter skelter
The years whirl by.
Now I
Sit alone
In my home
Thinking on the cold rain
And the old hall that will remain
When I also make my way
Into those woods where we were wont to play.


I Remember You Still

I remember you still.
How the heat
Did defeat
The outer chill.
Oh yes, I remember you still.

I remember you still.
How you did desire
The electric fire
In my bedroom,
And soon
The heat
Did defeat
The outer chill.
Oh yes, I remember you still

I remember you still.
How you bought that dress
To impress
And fulfil my desire.
The fire
Removed the outer chill.
Oh yes, I remember you still.

I remember you still.
Your head
On the bed
And us warm from the heat
That did defeat
The outer chill.
Oh yes, I remember you still …


Our memory is like a garden, where we spend many hours
Watering fragrant flowers.
Yet sometimes we succeed
In fertilising a weed.
We take a perverse delight in watching it grow
Much though
We deny that it is so!

Let not the weed
Say I,
But learn from it, then let it die,
For if it’s growth you do not control
It will succeed
And choke your soul.

From my archives – “One Night Stand”

The below first appeared here on 15th August 2015:

“The passage of time muddles the brain, I don’t recall your name.

Perhaps Marie or Melisa, no matter its all the same.

Though some would consider it shocking, it meant absolutely nothing,

You kept on your stockings,

I feared my neighbours knocking.

It signified everything and nothing,

A girl in suspenders and stockings”.