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The Tombstones Look Back At Me

The tombstones look back at me
And will continue to be,
When I can no longer see.


I Am Going Home

I am going home
(Save for my dog).
I have been away
For a week or so,
And will be sad
To go
But glad
To return by train.

One day, I shall travel unfamiliar terrain
And find a new home.
I will be
But shall I see
A confined space, with a stone
Or shall I know god’s love?
Or simply die
And be,
No longer I?

Rooms at Different Times Produce Diverse Rhymes

Rooms at different times
Diverse rhymes.
A girl’s perfume
In a darkened room
May seduce
A man into penning a rhyme
About lust.
Do not condemn
Such men
For there will be time
Enough for dust.

Oft I Pass By The Graveyard Plot

Oft I
Pass By
The graveyard plot,
But rarely stop
Though one day,
I shall stay
When the creator
(Whether god or nature)
Takes my breath away.