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Gazing at my unmade bed

As a chill breeze

Enters in, I remember dead

Love. and girls who please,

(Though not for love).



Nor do I love

Such women.

But when we partake

In lust

Man half-believes

He can escape

The dust.

For lust deceives.


They couldn’t stay long.

A remembrance of hands

And an  abandoned hairband,

Kept for a while,

Brings a sad smile

To a man’s ageing face

At a girl’s lost grace.

Work Meeting

As the meeting neared it’s end

My old friend

Who had not

Yet said a word,

(Leastways,  I heard

him not),

Interrupted, and did say,

“Tick tock”.

Yet the clock

Is forever ticking away

our day,

Though oft we heed him not.

Poet Kevin Morris’s Poems Included in Croydon Poetry Hour Anthology 2021-2022

I am delighted to announce that around 20 of my poems have been included in the Croydon Poetry Hour Anthology for 2021-2022. The anthology is available in paperback from lulu.com and can be purchased HERE

Among those of my poems included, is “Fallen Blossom”, which is reproduced below:

I found

Blossom on the ground

Which brought

To mind the thought,

We all,

As the blossom, fall.

Swallowed by Dark

I am swallowed by dark

In the churchyard at night.

Then a brief beam of the floodlight

Shows the graves all stark and white.


My feet return to peopled street

And I drink of life’s wine

For I must smile

While I have time.

Its Close to 1 Am

Its close to 1 am when

I hear the wild wind shake

My window. Later, when I go

Out I will see

How his dances

Have made free

With poor branches

And leaves

Brought low

By his breeze.


When men go

Among fallen trees

And scattered leaves

They know they to must go

And join fallen trees and leaves

An Autumn Day (1 November 2022)

Damp leaves in cold park.

Autumn days are growing dark.

The wind whistled

In the churchyard.

Then the rain came again.