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My Poetry Collection, “More Poetic Meanderings” is Now Available for Purchase as a Kindle Download in the Kindle Store

I am delighted to announce that my collection of poetry, “More Poetic Meanderings” is available in the Kindle store to download in Kindle format,  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BZT9G139/. “Meanderings” will  soon also be available in paperback and I will post a link here once this is the case.

Book Description:

More Poetic Meanderings” is a collection of poems that explores the complexities of life through the lens of the human experience. Each poem offers a unique perspective on various themes, such as love, loss, mortality, pain, joy, hope, and the beauty of nature.

The collection begins with an introductory poem that sets the tone for the rest of the book. The collection delves into deep themes, such as the meaning of life, the struggle for self-discovery, and the beauty of nature.

The Churchyard Path

People passed

Me on the churchyard path,

That I walk

So oft,

Caught in my passing thoughts,

(Many now forgot)

Then came the rain again

To wash all who pass

Along this fleeting path.

Hybrid Poetry and Chat GPT

I have been playing around with Chat GPT, https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/. Below is a poem wholly composed by the artificial intelligence (AI), followed by my much shorter poem, which draws on that created by the AI.



The Poem as Composed by Chat GPT:


continue this poem: all love and lust ends in dust

All love and lust, like fleeting gusts, May lift us high, but then they must Descend to earth, to join the rust And crumble into grains of dust.

Though passion’s fire may burn so bright, It’s but a spark in endless night, And soon it fades, like dying light, To leave us empty, void of sight.

For all that’s born will surely die, And all that lives must say goodbye. No matter how we try and try, We’re bound to fall, to fade, to lie.

So let us love with open hearts, And let us cherish every part Of those we hold, before we depart And join the cycle, where we start.

For though all love and lust ends in dust, It’s in the moment, in the trust, That we find joy, that we find lust, That we find life, before we’re thrust Into the endless, timeless gust That leaves us naught but grains of dust.


My Rewrite of the Poem:



Though passion’s fire may burn so bright,

It’s but a spark in endless night,

And soon it fades, like dying light,

To leave us lost, to human sight.


For all that’s born will surely die,

And you and I must say goodbye.

No man can the great leveler deny,

And dust must  take both you and I.

I Have Awoken to Birdsong

I have awoken to birdsong

And lain awake

Until sleep takes me again.

I measure time

With clocks. Birds and flowers

No not hours,

Nor do they see me

Conversing with time

In a half rhyming rhyme

Until my song is done.

Churchyard Birds

These trees

Speak to me

Of mortality.

Touching old bark

And cold gravestone,

I hark

To the birds

Still heard

By me.

Nesting Boxes

I recall the nesting box

On my grandfather’s shed.

Blue Tits laid their eggs.

Some grew, and flew



January seems dead.

Yet, in the churchyard birds




And, come the spring

Birds will lay in boxes

To the delight

Of young children.

And foxes bark

In the depths of night.

When Young Men Find Delight

When young men find delight

Under a red bedspread

With girls who pass through

How many of them

Consider how cold

Is the hold of gold?


Time runs on

And youth turns to age.

Some still engage

With girls who pass through,

But all age,

And in time, are gone.