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Her Inner Mind

Dare he find
Her inner mind
Behind pumping thighs
And neutral eyes?

The best try
Not to objectify
By attempting to find
Her inner mind.

And in his bed
She maintains a shred
Of her privacy
By covering up after.

Doubtless We Will Discuss

Doubtless we will discuss
Poetry and lust
Over so-so Wine.

Then, in the morning
We will yawn.
You will depart.
And I will smile
For a while.

No forlorn
Heart of mine
Or thine.
Merely a rhyme
And maybe,
A next time.


Provider of pleasure.
Romance isn’t free.
Oldest profession
Some say.
Time has a price
In your brief arms.
The clock jingles.
Under the sheet
They meet.
Eagerness of him.
Some say sin.

If We Had Met, Other Than We Did

If we had met,
Other than we did
Perchance the fast dance
Would end in friend.
But you had
Your need
To feed.
And I was glad
For I had
My loneliness and lust
To lose
For a while
In a girl’s smile.
But dust
I can not escape
In the loss
Of high-heel shoe
And girl’s short cape

A Poem from “The Selected Poems of K Morris”

Shadows on the wall,
I recall.
One can not catch a shade,
For it is made
Of Moonbeams
And passing dreams.

(Shadows on the Wall can be found in my Selected Poems, which can be accessed here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WW8WXPP/.).

A Connoisseur Reflects

“The nervousness before.
I am sure
She feels it too.
But that door
We have walked through
Many times before.

And after polite conversation
With girls of diverse nations,
I take my wine.
But it’s a fact
That so often anticipation
Is better than the act.”

The Recorder

Is there a recorder, somewhere
Noting down our every act?
I doubt the fact
Of god
But who has not
In the depths of dreams
Heard the recorder
That does die with I,
And seen
The thick black book
Wherein his every sin
Is writ?
And when he is gone
The record lives on
Be it known or not.

What Prose Writers Can Learn From Great Poetry

An interesting post entitled “What Prose Writers Can Learn From Great Poetry”, https://emmalee1.wordpress.com/2021/06/30/what-prose-writers-can-learn-from-great-poetry/”.