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My Clock’s Old Chime

My clock’s old chime
Is out of time
With this modern age.
But I must engage
For I know
That the clock
Will not stop
Though I wish
It would do so.


I pass
People behind
Opaque glass.
I find
They say
Words, half-heard
As I, caught behind
My own cracked glass,
Half lose my mind.
A child’s laugh
Can bring me back.
But fragile glass
So easily cracks.

I Heard A Leaf Fall

I heard a leaf fall.
It fell, dry and dead,
And rested there
On greying head.
And brought a thought
Of the passing kind
Into my so mortal mind …

The Poet

I confess
I undress
Women in my mind.
Some are true lovers
While others
I find
Are the temporary kind.

And my love and lust
Are dust.
Poets die
And leave behind
A part
Of their heart
And mind.

And readers discuss
The loves and lusts
We leave behind,
Be they real
Or the imagined kind.

It Rained Last Night

It rained last night.
The wet trees brushed
Against my thirsting flesh.
The delight
Of parched park refreshed
By rain.

There is Part of the Park

There is part
Of the park
Mysterious and dark
Where wind sings
Always to me.
And I
Am free.

Lost Contacts

Emails sent to old contacts
Is like needles in haystacks.
Some emails come back.

They’ve changed their address.
A girl lost her dress.
And I’ve lost another contact.

10 of the Best Robert Frost Quotations

Robert Frost is one of my favourite poets, so I was pleased to see this post on the site Interesting Literature, https://interestingliterature.com/2022/07/best-robert-frost-quotes/