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After the Ball

When I visited you
In your parent’s house
I doubt you knew
How I wanted you.
I remember your spouse
(To be).
Did he
I wanted you

After the ball
An owl called
And you said
How the owl’s cry
In the dark park
Was “sexy”, and I
Thought of bed
And went home
To tea, alone.

In the Ancient Wood I Stood

In the ancient wood I stood
And saw many a fallen tree
Brought low by storm.
They spoke to me
Of how shadows grow
On an English lawn,
In summertime. And of Kipling’s rhyme.
For he foresaw how empires go.
Do the Chinese and Russians know
What Kipling told not long ago?

(Note: for anyone who has not done so, I recommend reading Kipling’s “Recessional”, in which he warns against the arrogance of imperialism, and foresees the loss of the British Empire).

The Unseeing Clock

A clock does tick.
Hands of terror grip
An innocent child, while
The impersonal tick tock
Of the unseeing clock
Speaks of cruelty and power.
In childhood, an hour
Can be an eternity.

The Ageing Rake

She kept her stockings on
And soon was gone.
Now I write a rhyme
About the first time.

In a bedsit
By a canal
My first fall
Was just banal.

Shal I write
Of other nights?
Of fake flirts in skirts,
And the odd passing delight?

No, I shall pass
Over the mirrored glass
Where many a stranger does comb
Her hair, ere leaving me alone.

He Deals with Girls in Heels

He deals with girls in heels.
Behind the pretty eyes he buys
You may find a tortured mind,
Or a girl who thinks
Of dishes in her sink
As she pleases and teases
A man who worships her shoe.

Or, as he gets his thrills
Perchance she thinks on unpaid bills
Which his night of delight
Will pay the following day
And what of John
When she is gone?
What will his conscience say? …

Why Do I Try to Cage

Why do I try
To cage
A blackbird in my paper cage?
In spring he sings
And makes for me
Sublime poetry.
That I can not cage
Within my poor poetic cage.

As the Light Slowly Dimmed

As the light
Slowly dimmed
I took delight
In birds.
“Oh my god!”.
But words
Are not birds.

I Remember You 2

I remember you two.
One of you,
In my living room
(I forget who)
Waited for your friend.

Was there perfume?
I can’t pretend
To remember names.
Alone, I telephoned
And you came.