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I Sing The Song Of Wrong And Right

I sing
The song
Of wrong
And right
At night
Heels bring
A fleeting joy
To some poor boy.

The morrow
May sorrow bring,
But tonight
I sing
Of what some call wrong,
And others right,
And of the light that glows
And shows
The road to heaven
And to hell
That many a poor wretch knows
All to well.

Curtains twitch
And gossips itch
To tell,
While the poet continues to sing of heaven,
And passion hot as hell

Listening to the Radio

A young woman, on the radio, sings of crushes
And how love comes and goes.
Heaven knows
She spares no blushes
Regaling me with her affairs.
A song light as air
That passes over where
The party goers play.

It is the tune of this nubile
To which the dancers twirl.
There may be a denial
That this constitutes art.
I, for my part
Find in her voice, a pleasant enough warble
Over which to dordle
As I bathe and shave