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SittingHere in My Dressing Gown

Sitting here, in my dressing gown

I frown

At the dull sky.

Perhaps there is nothing to say

On this rainy winter’s day.







As a long, hot summer slowly draws to its close in the UK, we have, thankfully (at long last) been experiencing bouts of rain. On the way home from the pub yesterday evening my guide dog Trigger and I got drenched to the skin in the wet stuff and (in accordance with the great law of sod) the rain virtually ceased as we reached my front door!

Despite my drenching, I am a lover of the rain. My recent soaking reminded me of my poem “Raining” which can be found here, https://newauthoronline.com/2015/10/28/raining/.


I wonder
Will the thunder
Come today or tomorrow
And will the rain defeat
This heat?

I wish the weather would break
And the rain
Cool my overheated brain.
For the sake
Of this dry earth and me
I desire
This fire
To cease and set me free.

Why Did I My Window Close?

Why did I my window close?
The wind blows.
Will die
So why
Be shy
Of this fresh air
That takes away my care?

I awoke
To crows.
Nature spoke
Once more. Who knows
Why man goes
On as before?