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Some Civilisations Go Slow

Some civilisations go slow
In their decay
While others stay
But a short time.

Birdsong does not last.
And poets must rhyme
Of empires that pass
And fast climate change.

December Snow

A typical, December day.
The sun has stopped
And the temperature has dropped.

The forecasters say
There may
Be snow.

I well remember the December
And playing on frozen pond.
But oh, so long Ago!

And I shall grow
Old. and remember December

We count the cost
Once things are lost.
And the foolish, wishing to sunbathe,
Pray for the coming heatwave.


Summers grow dry.
But sceptics deny,
And welcome grapes in England’s
Once green and pleasant land.

The watering can and hosepipe
Refresh the earth
Day and night.

There is a dearth.
For, I find
Within the sceptic’s mind
A different kind,
Of drout.

The Coming Gale

Last night the rain
And the wind
Which almost blew
Me off my human feet.

I took refuge at home,
From the gale.

Sheep continue to speak
Of progress.
But the wise turn pale
For they know
That the gale
May blow
Humanity off it’s feet.

I Saw A Child

I saw a child
In a pram
And smiled
For I am
Always glad
To see
A happy

Then, I was half-sad
That I have
No children to leave behind.
But then my mind
Turned to climate change, and I
Was half-glad
That when I die,

I will have
None to leave behind.


I Scent the Autumn Rain

I scent the autumn rain,
Comforting. The same
Rain as fell
As when I was a younger man.
Yet nature’s plan
Is upset
For, although the rain
Is as wet
As yesteryear
I fear
That the seasons grow confused
And I am bemused
By this warmer weather.
Yes the rain
Does remain
The same
But increasing storm
And strange
Weather, warns of climate change.

Climate Change

Thursday 25th July is predicted to be the hottest July day on record here in the UK (https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/uk-weather-london-set-to-swelter-in-recordbreaking-heat-up-to-37c-a4195211.html), and yet some people (fortunately a dwindling minority) continue to persist in blindly arguing either that there is no such thing as climate change or, if there is, that we humans have very little (if any impact) on the earth’s climate. Humans patently do have a massive impact on the world’s climate and tackling climate change is humanity’s top priority.

The above article reminded me of my poem “Melting Ice”, which is reproduced below:

“Under the once-solid ice sheet
We Meet
A demon some persist
In maintaining does not exist.
Deep in his throat, he rumbles;
And humanity stumbles
As yet another ice sheet crumbles”.

(“Melting Ice” can be found in “My old Clock I Wind and Other Poems” which is available from Moyhill Publishing http://moyhill.com/clock/, and from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0735JBVBG/

So Many Disdain The Life-Giving Rain

So many disdain
The life-giving rain
And pray
For a sunny day.
But I
On hearing the rain
Pattering on my window pane,
Or, on looking up to the great sky
And feeling purifying water upon my face,
Give thanks for this green place,
And the flowers that in such profusion sprout,
And pray that we can avoid a drought.


I sit here
In the autumn of my year
And my voice raise
In praise
Of the god of progress.

They say
That robotic bees
Are on their way
But I know that the seas
With oil.

The temperature is relatively normal for the time of year
(Although autumn has been unusually hot).
I shall enjoy it while it lasts
For more storm blasts
And weather hot
Are what
Are on the way.

I heard an ostridge say,
With his head in the sand,
“You must understand
That climate change isn’t true,
Those experts are all lieing to you!”.
The weather will grow hotter my ostridge friend
However much you may pretend
That what
Is, is not.

I shall enjoy this autum day
And think on how nature does the forest floor dress
In fallen leaves, and think on progress
But towards what
I know not.
Yet hope is the last thing to die
And I
Have faith that we may overrule
The fool
Who believes not
That the world is getting hot.


Children play
On another hot day,
Their faces
Carrying traces
Of yet another icecream.

As girls pass by
Displaying sunkissed thigh
And young men dream
But not of icecream
I think on
The tinder dry
And wonder whether
We are too far gone