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The Lightning Flashes Across The Sky

The lightning flashes across the sky
And I
Hear the roar
Of Thor.

Its just passed midnight and from my window
I am reluctant to go
For I know
That although
The roar
Of Thor
Will be heard once more,
That this show
Of an evening late
Which I spectate
May survive
For a time
In rhyme


I wonder
Who makes the thunder.
Is it Thor
Who makes that roar?

The scientist will say
In a most prosaic way
That there is no deity on high
Merely electricity and the endless sky.

I sigh
For the forgotten days of belief.
This life is brief
And scientists say that there is no wonder
In yonder lightning flash
And the crash of thunder,
Yet still I wonder …

(Written in response to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/wonder/).

“A Storm Is Coming” They Said

“A storm is coming” they said
Yet I hear no thunder
I wonder
Why this dread
Of the mighty Thor?
We close window and door
And watch the lightning’s flame
Put our civilisation to shame.

Thor he came
Long before
I was a twinkle in my parents eye
And the gods will remain
(but not so you and I).

Out of Tune

Thunder echoes but Thor
Is no more.
People look skywards as before
But only to remark
That the sky is dark.

The rain will clean
For a while, but the obscene
That festers in the calculating brain
Will remain.

The sane
Will go with the rain
That cools
While fools
That nature rules.


This morning my guide dog Trigger and I got soaked. Thor swung his mighty hammer and hailstones bounced off us. Nature, as is often her wont has exhibited her sense of humour, hailstones have been replaced by Apollo’s bright rays. Possessing only limited vision I don’t know whether a beautiful rainbow now brightens the sky tempting me to follow to it’s end and obtain the pot of gold which, lies buried in a wood where birds sing and the winter sun slants down through the branches casting shadows of light and shade on the forest floor. Shall  I follow the rainbow, undertake the quest without end for rainbows have no beginning and no ending. Like our dreams they call us ever onwards to explore the mystery which is life.