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Girls in their Short Clothes

Girls in short clothes
Have fun
In the summer sun.
Who knows
Where the summer goes


The Kiss of Morn

The kiss of morn
Does come
As the waking sun
Does gently warm
The waiting lawn.

The dawn dew
Does soak through
Her summer dress,
That the rising sun
Does so softly warm
And with eagerness, caress.


Children play
On another hot day,
Their faces
Carrying traces
Of yet another icecream.

As girls pass by
Displaying sunkissed thigh
And young men dream
But not of icecream
I think on
The tinder dry
And wonder whether
We are too far gone


In honour of the changing seasons, here is my poem, “Ethereal”:

“Sunlight slants through branches.
The ethereal girl dances
As the poet romances
Out of the summer air.

The trill
Of an evening blackbird
Is heard.
Then without a word
She is gone,
Though in his heart she lives on.

She will dance
Once more
When Autumn winds roar,
And clothed in russet gown
We will lie down
And forever, sleep”.

(“Ethereal” can be found in “Refractions”, which is available from Amazon, as an ebook and can be found here, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L5UC2H2).

We Dance In A Ring

We dance in a ring
In spring
When the roses bloom
And little think on winter’s tomb.

We cavort
In the summer sun
With unstaid maid
And give but little thought
To how the deer does run
Towards the setting sun.

In autumn, when leaves fall
We recall
Life’s joys and gall
Ere winter makes a bed
For lover’s head.