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When old men make a pass
At the youthful lass,
I wonder whether
Either party ever
Look in the glass
And think, “all this will, one day, pass”

Nymphs will play
And hair turn to grey.
The woman (once girl)
Seeing autumn leaves whirl,
May consider the youthful lass,
And think, “all things must, one day, pass”.


A New, Unsullied Page

A new, unsullied page
Will be turned, as it must.
Love and lust.
Heels wear down with age.

It Is By No Means Unknown

It is by no means unknown
For a middle-aged man to flirt
With a much younger Joan
Who, in her short skirt
And stilettos high
Laughs at the clumsy pass
Of the receeding guy.

Her face in the glass
Is full
Of youthful vigour.
The dull
Tick tock
Of the bedside clock
Does not figure
In her thought, for she is but twenty
And there is plenty
Of time.

Much Has Been Sung

Much has been sung

Of women young

And middle-aged men who knew

Better, yet themselves flung

At the feet

Of maidens far from discreet …


So when I meet

Girls with high-heeled feet

I think with delight

Of the hot night,

Then sigh for that can not be,

For I am growing old you see …