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At Summer’s Height

At summer’s height
Girls delight
In short frocks.
And, on occasions, choose
To lose
Their shoes
And socks.
For by going bare
To the summer air
They find there
The joy of youth.

At summer’s height
The poet takes delight
In girls who
Go without shoe
Or sock,
For they sense not
Time’s, impending, knock.

Growing Old

With legs bare
And wet hair,
A nymph bold
Doesn’t care
About the old
Men who, trying not to stare
Think on wives with grey hair
And sagging skin,
As they contemplate the power
Of the cold shower
As an antidote to sin …

Sad Steps By Philip Larkin

I came across this poem several weeks ago on Youtube and have meant to post a link to it for some time. The link is to the Poetry Foundation rather than Youtube partly owing to me not being enthused by the rendering of Larkin on Youtube, http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/178054