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The Kiss of Morn

The kiss of morn
Does come
As the waking sun
Does gently warm
The waiting lawn.

The dawn dew
Does soak through
Her summer dress,
That the rising sun
Does so softly warm
And with eagerness, caress.

“Sleepless 1 And 2” By Jayne King

The below poem was written by Jayne King. I hope to publish more of Jayne’s work in the future.

The birds have started to tweet,
Night is turning to day.
Yet I haven’t had a wink of sleep
The Land of Nod seems far away.

Slowly colours are emerging
From the growing light of day
Lengthy shadows, too, have formed
Why is Nod so far away?

Dawn has broken,
Unnatural sleep comes my way.
Have I become undead?
Awake at night and sleeping during the day.

(Copyright Jayne King).

Revolution By A E Housman

West and away the wheels of darkness roll,

Day’s beamy banner up the east is borne,

Spectres and fears, the nightmare and her foal,

Drown in the golden deluge of the morn.

But over sea and continent from sight

Safe to the Indies has the earth conveyed

The vast and moon-eclipsing cone of night,

Her towering foolscap of eternal shade.

See, in mid heaven the sun is mounted; hark,

The belfries tingle to the noonday chime.

‘Tis silent, and the subterranean dark

Has crossed the nadir, and begins to climb.


Time, as the shower runs away.

Will she not stay?

Each line upon the face,

Speaks of her fading grace.

The girl’s  plaster smile.

He is in denial.

“Will you remain a  while?”

He asks.


“No, this can not last.

I see the chasm yawning vast.

The hours,, like sand run away.

The dawn rises, I can not stay”.