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There is Something Poignant About the Sunshine

There is something poignant about the sunshine.
A girl’s soft kiss
Is divine.
The bliss
Of fingers
That linger,
Intertwined in mine.

The light lingers,
A girl’s fingers
Still intertwine.
The night breeze
Will freeze
This heart
And art
Of mine.

I Walk Amidst These Windblown Leaves

I walk amidst these
How time has flown.
I shall in beauty drown,
And think on these
Fallen leaves,
Which now strew the ground.

Standing At My Window

Standing at my window
Reluctant to go
For I know
Not how long I shall be here.

Not quite half-way through the year.
May is love and birds
And erratic words
That fall
As the passing sunlight upon my wall.

Tomorrow will come (probably for me)
And I shall see
The sun’s rays fall
Upon this wall
But I know not
What tomorrow has in store …

There Was A Young Lady Named Rose

There was a young lady named Rose
Who painted all of her toes.
She wore thick socks,
Which acted as locks,
So I have never seen her toes!

There was a young lady named Rose
Who painted 5 of her toes.
She left the remainder unvarnished.
Her reputation got tarnished,
As to why? Nobody knows!

There was a young lady named Rose
Who painted her fingers and toes.
She painted them black
But she did lack
Enough to varnish her nose!


Silent reflector of dreams.
A girl’s make-up seems
To hide
What lies inside.
For no crack must be seen
On your perfect screen.

But girls waking up, in the morning,
Stretching, yawning,
Should they chance
To glance
In the glass, may see
The real she.


I Seek for grace,
In nature’s ever changing face.
the sheeting rain chased empty thought away.

This morning, The wind purifies,
Birds sing in sunny skies.
At times, my spirit flies
Or goes asighing with the breeze.

That I could
Soar high up in the trees
And be lost among the leaves.