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A vampiress,

Far from dead


Out of her dress

So red,

Bringing delight

With nips

At night


You Gave To Me

You gave to me
Fallen blossom from a tree.
Now I think of thee
When I see
That fading blossom from a tree.

You gave to me
A blanket to keep the cold away
As we
Sat in the garden yesterday.

The thought of Thee
Will stay
With me,
Those precious hours,
Those flowers
That blanket,
And you, with me.

The Devil Is Grinning

The devil is grinning
At man’s obsession
With women.
A confession,
I have been there
And looped the loop to please
A Claire
Or Flair.

The devil is grinning
When certain kind of women
On man’s weakness seize
And draw him in
To sin,
Or simply tease
By hinting that the prize may be won.

In search of fun
Men after women run,
Or desirous of the prize
Of that look
In a girl’s eyes
That says “you are mine
Until the end of time”,
Although this may be mistook
For “you are mine
For the night
But, come the morning light …”.

The devil is grinning
At man’s obsession with women.
The biological drive
Causes us to strive
For that lustful look in a girl’s eyes …
Although it is perfectly true
That there is love too.

You Followed Me

You followed me into the bedroom
Bringing with you
The merest hint of perfume.
You stood there
Wholly unaware,
Chatting of what? I do not recollect.

Slim and near.
Respect for a long friendship held me
Or maybe
I did not speak that night.

Whats In A Name?

A Rose is a Rose by any other name,
And as for Jane
She will remain
The same
Old Jane.

A Paul is a Paul by any other name,
But what if Paul paints his Toes
And becomes a Rose
Or Jane.
Tell me, what is in a name?

Lost Shoes

You left your shoes under my bed.
I discovered them there
Where they hid.
You said
To keep them for you.
So I could not be rid
Of your high heel shoe.

I remember you
Taking off your shoe
And the game we two
Did play
Many a day

You never did reclaim those shoes
We did lose
That day
And eventually, I threw them away.