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Her Heels Remain Sharp

Her heels remain
But it gives her pain
That although she does retain
The desire
She no longer has the art
To spark
In a young man’s heart.


Lost Shoes

You left your shoes under my bed.
I discovered them there
Where they hid.
You said
To keep them for you.
So I could not be rid
Of your high heel shoe.

I remember you
Taking off your shoe
And the game we two
Did play
Many a day

You never did reclaim those shoes
We did lose
That day
And eventually, I threw them away.

I am Told

I am told
That one is getting old
When policemen look younger than you.
I’m sure that’s true
But when girls say
In a friendly sort of way
That their dad has the same interests as you,
Then what is a guy to do
Other than smile and accept
That age
Has crept
Up on him like a thief in the bleak night
And that although he may, in the company of young women delight
He must
For the purposes of love or lust
Engage with women of a similar age
As no
Young ladies desire
A grey haired sire.
But oh!
If he have money it may be so …!


Examining my feet
I find that they are smooth
More or less
Though I must confess
That the odd groove
Leads I know not whither.

Some find eroticism in naked feet,
Their passion grows
At the sight of dainty toes.
Others reel
On seeing a pointy heel.
They themselves lose
In girl and shoes …

What strange objects are feet
That people greet
The sight of these workaday things
With lust or disgust.
I am even told
That some feel neither, and are left cold
By these plates of meat.


He hears her voice
And wonders what she does know
Of where men go
In their head. Choice
Is a word
Oft times heard.
Possessing seeming
It conceals scheming.
But women know
‘Tis not always so
And suspect
There maybe respect.
It helps them cope
For hope
Is the last thing to die.

Lost Shoe

Her shoe?
What should I do?
For a foot bereft
Of shoe
Is a sorrowful sight to view.
I grieve
As I perceive
That she lost her stocking
Tis a thing most shocking
To lose both stocking
And shoe …