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You Gave To Me

You gave to me
Fallen blossom from a tree.
Now I think of thee
When I see
That fading blossom from a tree.

You gave to me
A blanket to keep the cold away
As we
Sat in the garden yesterday.

The thought of Thee
Will stay
With me,
Those precious hours,
Those flowers
That blanket,
And you, with me.

Kevin Morris reading his poem ‘Woman’.

Poet Kevin Morris reading his poem ‘Woman’.

This poem appears in my collection of poetry ‘Refractions’: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Refractions-K-MORRIS-ebook/dp/B01L5UC2H2, under the title ‘Women’. In retrospect, I believe that ‘Woman’ better fits the poem, hence I have changed its title on YouTube.


The Serpent

Swimming in sulphurous waters
With the daughters
Of Eve.
Adam doth grieve
But woman does not deceive
For man does freely choose
His innocence to lose.

Man desires
While the serpent sires
Under indifferent skies.

The serpent lies
Apparently slumbering,
While secretly numbering
Every notch
That does blotch
His once perfect bed posts.

Themselves flaunt
And haunt
The dismal caverns of the mind.

No peace can man find
With the vampire
For she on herself feeds
And seeds
In we human dust.


What is a woman that she holds such power
Over men?
She is a delicate flower
Who when
Reveals thorns
That prick
The hapless man to the quick.
Woman is a pussycat with soft furr
Giving off a throaty purr.
But those who dare
To stir
Wrath she will, with polished claws tear

Beware for the heart
In love given
May with stillettos be ridden
“You drove her
To it by your behaviour”.
“I am your saviour”
She will say.
And, as sure as night follows day
You will be begging the girl to stay
For her claws are now sheaved
And who would believe
That one with a face so fair
Could rend and tear?