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The Wind, In The City

The wind, in the city
Blows on our pretty
Baubles. And on thee
And me.
And seems to say,
“Baubles and thee
Will pass away.
But I will stay
And laugh
At lad and lass
Who, in the joy of romance
Drink and dance
And Think
They will remain, forever young.

The poet’s tongue
Will into silence go.
While I (the weather)
Will forever
In wind, and snow,
And rain.

Kevin Morris reading his poem ‘Woman’.

Poet Kevin Morris reading his poem ‘Woman’.

This poem appears in my collection of poetry ‘Refractions’: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Refractions-K-MORRIS-ebook/dp/B01L5UC2H2, under the title ‘Women’. In retrospect, I believe that ‘Woman’ better fits the poem, hence I have changed its title on YouTube.


The Serpent

Swimming in sulphurous waters
With the daughters
Of Eve.
Adam doth grieve
But woman does not deceive
For man does freely choose
His innocence to lose.

Man desires
While the serpent sires
Under indifferent skies.

The serpent lies
Apparently slumbering,
While secretly numbering
Every notch
That does blotch
His once perfect bed posts.

Themselves flaunt
And haunt
The dismal caverns of the mind.

No peace can man find
With the vampire
For she on herself feeds
And seeds
In we human dust.