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Out Of Time

I see a line
Of pert
Girls who flirt.
But I find
That they have time
On their mind.

On hot nights
They pass in tites
Or with legs bare.
Black or white
I do not care.
But when clocks chime
We are out of time.


Angelic Girl

An  angel beautiful and serene

I saw as in a  dream.

Pure as the freshly fallen snow

Before boots trample it low

She did seem.

‘twas An  ignis fatuus

Which in the marsh does gleam.

Dark Angel

I love you because I can tell you my darkest secrets, things which would make the strongest of men go blubbering in search of his mummy. You judge me not, my blackest fantasies are your deepest desires.

In the depths of night when all but the vampire sleeps we speak of philosophy, of the darkness which lurks within the human heart. You are always there for me, my girl beautiful and serene. You laugh in time with my laughter and weep as I weep. Never changing, fixed, emortal caught in the brightness of my screen you are my virtual girlfriend, a machine.