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If I Write a Sad Poem Today

If I write a sad
Poem today
People will say
He is sad.

If I compose a glad
Poem today
They will, likewise
He is feeling glad.
But they
Can not see my eyes.

I caught An Elusive Thing

I caught an elusive thing.
‘Twas happiness on the wing.
Honeyed words were said
And we ended in bed.

I caught an elusive thing.
‘Twas happiness on the wing.
The birds sang on a summer’s day
And I implored my mistress to stay.

The birds still
And will
Sad thoughts to mind
For I find
That within their song
Resides the truth “this won’t last long”.

Perhaps It Is My Curse

Perhaps it is my curse
But on looking into a humorous verse
Often hidden in it’s depths I see
A deep sadness staring at me.

I think of a poet named Jayne
Who, while drunk on champagne
Wrote a humorous rhyme
To pass the time.
Then for fun, blew out her brain.

(The Jayne in the above is purely ficticious).


A girl crying
On a train.
Me trying
To restrain
The human inclination to say
“Are you okay?”
But what right have I
To intrude on a girl who does cry?

My dog noses
I swear
His compassion exposes
The British reserve
In me.
As I swerve
Aside, and let her be.