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Oft Of A Summer’s Day

Oft of a summer’s day
Have I turned away
To write.
I shall go out tomorrow
And forget my words
In the singing of birds.

But when night
Falls, I shall return what I borrow
From my ever present friend
Old Father Time
And my brief rhyme
Shall reach it’s end.

Power Failure

Last night, while visiting a neighbour, the lights failed. Indeed it soon became apparent that the electricity supply had gone down in the 2 blocks of flats which constitute the development in which I live. My immediate neighbour, and the lady who lives opposite to her, panicked a little and lamented the fact that none of us possessed torches. Fortunately the lights came back on in a matter of minutes and the power supply has remained steady since yesterday evening’s temporary blip.

The above incident reminded me of my poem “The Dark”:

“Closing my curtain
I shut out the night
And the fireworks
Celebrating something
But precisely what I am uncertain.
While beyond my drapes
The dark
Patiently waits”.

One day the dark will take us all.

I have Always Walked In The Dark

I have always walked in the dark.
The torch’s light
Illumines the night
But can not fight
With phantoms stark.
I have always walked in the dark.

I have always walked in the dark.
A knock at night
May bring delight,
But then we part.
I have always walked in the dark.

I have always walked in the dark.
The moon disappears
And yesteryear’s fears
And converge in my heart.
I have always walked in the dark.

Revolution By A E Housman

West and away the wheels of darkness roll,

Day’s beamy banner up the east is borne,

Spectres and fears, the nightmare and her foal,

Drown in the golden deluge of the morn.

But over sea and continent from sight

Safe to the Indies has the earth conveyed

The vast and moon-eclipsing cone of night,

Her towering foolscap of eternal shade.

See, in mid heaven the sun is mounted; hark,

The belfries tingle to the noonday chime.

‘Tis silent, and the subterranean dark

Has crossed the nadir, and begins to climb.

The Darkness

Laughter in the bar. Drink flows, hail fellow, well met.

Standing at the urinal, looking out, through frosted glass into the darkness from whence we came and to which we shall return.

We fear the eternal night, surround ourselves with light but, when we look into the darkness we are faced, struggle as we may to avoid the truth of it,

with the inevitability of death, the undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveller returns.

Returning once more to the laughter. The clinking of glasses while, outside the darkness waits, patiently to swallow me.


(I am blind but can distinguish between light and dark and perceive outlines of objects but not their detail. So, for example I might see a shape but have no idea as to whether it was a man, woman or tree).