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If I Could Paint A Portrait

If I could paint a portrait
Of each dream and nightmare
There you would see me
Naked in love and hate


Conscience Uncontrolled Screams In Dreams

Conscience uncontrolled screams
In dreams.
In the lair
Of nightmare
The pretence of day
Is stripped away.

If you would discern
Me, then turn
And look behind
My smile to find
What lies within my heart.
But you do not possess the art
To traverse the curse of another’s dreams


I go
But on going to bed
There is in my head
The thought
That I could be caught
And about

‘Tis the nightmare stalking
My mind
That I may
One day
Myself bare,
Heaven knows where!


There are dreams, streams
Of consciousness of which I shall not speak,
For I am weak
And would not have you know
Where I go
In sleep,
Lest you weep
For my dark heart.

I shall not tell you of my nightmares
For you have cares
Of your own
And, when alone
I would not have thee see
What tortures me.

I shall not open my heart
For you have dark
Thoughts enough of your own.
So let us leave our demons alone
Until they creep
Out in sleep
And we, in earnest weep.


Terrors buried deep
Out and stare
Me full in the face.
There is no hiding place
When the black mare
From the stable.
Her coat sable
As night.
Banishes delight.

Off fear
Yet nightmare crouches near.
In the shadows she hides
And bides
Her time waiting for sleep
Then out she doth creep.
I turn and run
But my dark mistress must have her fun.
When day is done
She will come.

Horribly Early

It is horribly early.
I can not sleep.
A bird tweets.
No feet
upon the street.
Cars pass
lost in distance vast.
I could return to bed
but I am awake
and doubt that sleep will take
me back
to be stretched upon the rack
of nightmare
and despair.
Sleep is a fickle friend.
Oft she doth pretend
to soothe the troubled mind
but man doth frequently find
in her arms that bind
a maelstrom of emotion
an ocean
where many are tossed
and forever lost


The unmonitored video tape

reveals what we can not escape.

The honeyed words we say

in the light of day

are swept away

at night

when our conscience doth delight

in stripping bare all pretence.

The fence

is down and nightmare

doth stare

Us full in the face.

The knowledge of disgrace

Causes the mind to race

In fear

As the truth stands near.

Even the fool

Knows the cassette will, one day, unspool

And lie tangled


Beyond repair

And the dark angel will be there.