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In a dream I saw
Plastic high-heels on the floor
Of a room who’s door
Stood half-open.
Something must have been spoken
For I was invited, and recall
The monotonous rise and fall,
Going nowhere
With her,
And those cheap
Plastic shoes, which keep
Me from sleep.

A Girl In A Dress Of Red

A girl in a dress
Of red
I dreamed in bed.
And I confess
That she
Has stayed with me.

Red may scream
Danger ahead,
But ’twas merely
A dream,
Though she
Has stayed with me.

Fantasies Come Out In Dreams

Fantasies come out in dreams
When consciousness streams
Her clothes
Are lost
At no cost
To the dreamer or to her.
And, come the morn
The dreamer is from his fantasy torn
And the wolf returns to his lair.
But, have a care
Lest in sleep
You her name speak
For respectability is a thin veil
And friends would turn pale
Where they to know
Where you go
In sleep