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Dog and Man

The weather
Is bitter
And drear.
Men kill for pleasure
And things that glitter.

My dog sleeps near.
A simple, kindly soul
With no desire
For the cold
Fire of gold.

I Hear The Rain

I hear the rain, again.
How it does pour,
Over city street, and moor
When I go my way,
The rain will stay.
But others will remain,
Listening to the rain.

Solitary Bird

On a cold December evening
I heard
A solitary bird
And sought for meaning
In her song of joy and pain.
Doubtless, I shall do so again
For ’tis easy to see poetry,
Though she, sings not for humanity.

A Bird in My Garden Sang

A bird in my garden sang.
A pang
(I no not why)
Into my heart sprang.
Perhaps it is the knowledge that I will die,
Though birds will still sing
Be it winter or spring,
And bring
A melancholy joy
To girl and boy.

The tears start
When nature’s beauty overpowers.
Countless hours
Has many a poet spent,
His efforts bent
On personifying mother nature,
The creator,
Who has no heart
Yet lives and breathes
Through his art.


As inconsequencial as a child who did say
As she walked past the aquarium yesterday,
“I have fish like that”.

Me, on my way from my flat
To the pub, thought of France
And innocent children who can no longer dance.

There is a shop selling tropical fish, reptiles etc some 10 minutes walk from my home. While strolling along to the pub yesterday evening (Sunday 17 July),I overheard the above snatch of conversation.