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Dog and Man

The weather
Is bitter
And drear.
Men kill for pleasure
And things that glitter.

My dog sleeps near.
A simple, kindly soul
With no desire
For the cold
Fire of gold.

Safe in My Flat

Safe in my flat
In the early morning
I hear the birds
And ponder on cats.
There is no divine
Merely the purring feline,
Part of great nature.
The imponderable creator
Of little man.

I Hear The Rain

I hear the rain, again.
How it does pour,
Over city street, and moor
When I go my way,
The rain will stay.
But others will remain,
Listening to the rain.

On A Train Last Night

On a train last night
I thought of the earth in years to come.
There was no sun
Nor light
Of any kind. Only black, eternal night.

My light shall die
Yet, in my reverie
The earth I did see
Was itself devoid,
Void of humanity
And my sense
Is that it was not far hence.

Ivory Tower

The poet in his ivory tower
Has not the power
To change
This deranged
Where the lunatic’s face
Flushed with belief
Brings the world to grief.

Those who think themselves sane
Cudgel their brain
And impose dreams
(which they call schemes)
For the improvement of man.

When dreams fail
The believers wail
“We will get it right next time”.
Or, for shame
They blame
The poor
Gardener who asks nothing more
Than to be left alone to cultivate his garden.

The poet begs pardon
To be excused,
With an amused smile,
For there can be no denial
That time spent in rhyme
Keeps him safe from humanity’s grime.