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“Sleepless 1 And 2” By Jayne King

The below poem was written by Jayne King. I hope to publish more of Jayne’s work in the future.

The birds have started to tweet,
Night is turning to day.
Yet I haven’t had a wink of sleep
The Land of Nod seems far away.

Slowly colours are emerging
From the growing light of day
Lengthy shadows, too, have formed
Why is Nod so far away?

Dawn has broken,
Unnatural sleep comes my way.
Have I become undead?
Awake at night and sleeping during the day.

(Copyright Jayne King).

I’m Not Good In The Morning

“Hello” he said. Of course I don’t answer. Perhaps you will think me rude as a greeting should illicit a response. But look at things from my perspective. There I am relaxing in my bed, minding my own business and he breezes in and says “hello”! What you still think that I’m lacking in social graces do you? Well how would you like to be disturbed at a little after 6 am by a cheery fool saying “hello?” I thought not, you wouldn’t be thrilled either so you can, I think understand why I totally blanked my friend’s attempt to engage me in conversation.

Not content with disturbing my beauty sleep he will humiliate me later today by expecting me to wear a harness. Not just in private in our home. No that would be bad enough, he expects me to wear it in public. Surely there is a law against such things and, if there isn’t then I’d urge you to lobby your MPs to bring one in urgently! Does anyone know whether making a guide dog wear a harness breeches my human rights?”