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A Man of the World Looks Back

I remember the first time.
Not quite a one night stand
For I saw
Her at least once more
And write this rhyme
To set down what was not
Quite the first time,
But, for better (or worse)
She was the first
Of her kind.

I shall say no more
For to bore
Is rude
And this rhyme
About another kind
Of first time
May be viewed
As boring and crude
By those who
Through their Pangloss glasses
See only pure
Unboring lasses


My Old Clock I wind and Other Poems, by K Morris

Shall I sit out this dance
As the dancers prance
Heedlessly by.
On occasions Can I not join in
With my companions and grin?

The song
Of the throng
Helps me forget
And yet
I am not as other men,
For when
I smile
There is, all the while
The knowledge of this temporary din.

Others see it too
But construe
Me speaking of such a thing
As bad form and bring
The conversation around
To matters less profound.
But, when they are alone
Do they not think on skin and bone?

I can reduce my companions to laughter
With my jokes, but after
Our fun
Is done
Closing time will come.

“Shall I Sit Out This Dance” can be found in “My Old Clock I Wind and Other Poems”, https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0735JBVBG/