Dog Hair

Your black
Soft hair in my hand.
You lack
The capacity to understand
As you lie in the sun
After your run,
That I shall find dog hair
When you are no longer there,
For hairs to carpets stick
And tears will, one day, prick
The eyes of he
Who loves thee.

(Note: my dog, Trigger is healthy and happy. But, on picking up some of his hair from my living room carpet, I was reminded of his mortality, and indeed that of all flesh).

4 thoughts on “Dog Hair

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh Kevin. This brought a tear to my eye. We have had to have dogs put to sleep, and always, there is hair left on the carpet afterwards. So sad

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for commenting, Lorraine. Its a terrible thing to lose a dog and I know how you must have felt on losing a much loved friend. My previous guide dog, Drew ate something toxic and died as a consequence. It was one of the worst things I have been through. Thanks again for your comment, Lorraine. Best – Kevin

  2. Rhyme In Time

    I can relate. My wife and I had to put two cats we’d had for 16 and 18 years, brother and sister, to sleep. And we watched them fade from their natural animal glory into mere walking ghosts of themselves, something nature would have prevented but in a crueler way. We gave them as many moments as we could before their grasps on living had clearly exceeded and joy or comfort in it.

    Our current cat gets lots of attention, partly based on the knowledge that a similar moment will come for her. I sometimes choose to put down the laptop and play with her instead.

    Ah, pets. They keep our humanity fresh but at the same time, being close to another creature means moments of pain as well as joy.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your moving comments. I was particularly struck by your final sentence. You are right pets bring out the humanity in us and I have done the same as you – broken off from using my laptop or from some other task to play with my dog. Best wishes – Kevin


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