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Last chance to pin a poem to The Places of Poetry Map

Poet Josephine Corcoran reminds us that on 1 November Places of Poetry will become a read only site. Up until 1 November, you have the opportunity to pin a poem to the Places of Poetry map. You can find Josephine’s post here, https://josephinecorcoran.org/2019/10/27/last-few-days-to-pin-a-poem-to-the-places-of-poetry-map/.

You can find my poem “The Poet On The Hill” on Places of Poetry here, https://www.placesofpoetry.org.uk/poem/23368/.


My poem ‘The Poet on The Hill’ is on ‘Place of Poetry’.

I have uploaded my poem ‘The Poet On The Hill’ to ‘Places of Poetry.

To view my poem please click here.

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Forthcoming Poetry Reading and a “Selected Poems”

On Wednesday 13 March, I shall be giving a private poetry reading, along with several other poets. I have a slot of 15 minutes to fill, and I am in the process of determining which of my poems to read. Thus far I have decided to recite the below poems:




I shall be spending part of my weekend in deciding which of my other poems to read.

Sorting through my work kindles in me a desire to publish a “selected Poems”. This is, I think a longer-term project requiring considerable thought and much burning of the midnight oil. It is, nonetheless something on which my heart is set.


The Poet On The Hill

The poet on the hill

Sits still

And ponders why

Man must die.

The weather is fine

nature or the divine

causes the sun to shine.

Every living thing

Will have it’s spring.

The newly opened  flower

time will devour.

The blossom’s heady scent,

is quickly spent.

Men   soon disperse

We are lent this earth.

All must enter the dark wood

The bad along with the good.

The poet continues to ponder

While yonder

The light begins to fade.

Man’s destiny is the grave.