Last chance to pin a poem to The Places of Poetry Map

Poet Josephine Corcoran reminds us that on 1 November Places of Poetry will become a read only site. Up until 1 November, you have the opportunity to pin a poem to the Places of Poetry map. You can find Josephine’s post here,

You can find my poem “The Poet On The Hill” on Places of Poetry here,


9 thoughts on “Last chance to pin a poem to The Places of Poetry Map

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you for your kind words about my poem, Gabriela. I’m delighted you like it.

      My apologies. The site is, I believe only for England and wales as you say. I ought to have made that clear in my posting and I’m sorry for any confusion caused.

      All the best, Kevin

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for commenting. I find your description of the project being like “a quilt of rhyme” poetic and beautiful. Would you be able to link to your poem on The Places of Poetry map in this comments thread so that I and others can check it out, please? Kind regards, Kevin

      1. Rhyme In Time

        I am happy and flattered to share. 🙂

        Here is my modest patch in the quilt. It’s pinned on the town of Gool.

        Goole, we’re not sure what to make of you.
        We’ve come upon you as we’re passing through.
        “Hey look,” I say, “the name sounds just like ‘Google'”.
        (When God gave wits, with me he was, well…, frugal.)
        “I’ve never seen so many arcade shops;
        They must be into gambling.” So the chops
        Of chatter, random rambling as meandering
        We drove through town, on gerrymandering
        Road that took us by the idle docks
        (‘Twas Saturday) and past the many shops,
        The most of which were closed but the arcades.
        “Is this where salt-n-pepper crowd go, after they get paid?”
        And then we reach the end of town, where nothing more is said.

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