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You Cleaned Your Teeth

You cleaned your teeth
And came to bed.
I remember not
What was said.
But talk is cheap
Though not so diamond rings
And other things
Of which we shall not speak.

A picture of the postcard which advertises my poetry.


The above photograph shows my poem ‘Lost’. The text reads:


‘My thoughts lost on the damp air

Going who knows where.

The sodden grass

I pass

Where children play

but not today.

No ball

or bird call.

Only the rain’s incessant fall.’

– Kevin Morris

Excerpt from ‘Lost in the Labyrinth of my Mind’



‘Lost’ can be found in ‘Lost in the Labyrinth of my Mind’, available here for the UK and here for the US.

In the woods dark heart

In the wood’s dark
Heart the breeze
Whispers in the trees
Words that I can not comprehend.
May god send
Me peace
And this breeze
Never cease.

‘In the woods dark heart’ can be found on Amazon in ‘The Writer’s Pen and other poems’ by Kevin Morris, available here for the UK and here for the US.

All of these pictures were taken in Spa Woods, SE19.


A picture of the path leading into the woods


A large tree close-up


A large tree

When My Friend Whose Name Is Ted

When my friend whose name is Ted
Turned to me and said,
“If I had the time I’d use internal rhyme”,
I said, “you just have Ted!”.

What Constitutes the Erotic for you?

What constitutes the erotic for you?
Is it the stiletto shoe
On an ankle slim
That tempts you into sin?
Or is it the red light
Which winks
At kinks
Both day and night
That does it for you?

Some prefer
The bare
While others consider the covered
Erotic, for the exotic
Is a mystery to be discovered.
I find at night
That there are better things to do
Than write
About the stiletto shoe …