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When My Friend Whose Name Is Ted

When my friend whose name is Ted
Turned to me and said,
“If I had the time I’d use internal rhyme”,
I said, “you just have Ted!”.

What Constitutes the Erotic for you?

What constitutes the erotic for you?
Is it the stiletto shoe
On an ankle slim
That tempts you into sin?
Or is it the red light
Which winks
At kinks
Both day and night
That does it for you?

Some prefer
The bare
While others consider the covered
Erotic, for the exotic
Is a mystery to be discovered.
I find at night
That there are better things to do
Than write
About the stiletto shoe …

On this Windy Day

On this windy day
In April
I can not say
Whether the flowers I pass
On this woodland path
Will stay
For another day.

I think
That they
Are the same as those
I saw before,
Although I can not say
For sure
Whether it be so.

I suppose
That both I and they
Will see the rain’s tears
In future years,
But this I can not say
For sure.